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There were figures lacking in the show,like Finn or Jasper and Raven. BUT we had others to keep us organization. Glass and Luke are so lovable and their story is awesome!

There have been also many PoV's. Too, there were way too many flashbacks for way too many PoV's. And let's not forget about that I get iffy when there's excessive flirting/pining/romance when it begins to choke out an incredible sci-fi idea.

So if the premise for that a hundred was the populous residing over a (shortly-to-be uninhabitable) space station for the earlier 300 many years as a consequence of Earth being evacuated after a nuclear holocaust, and the just for the survival of civilization is while in the arms of one hundred guinea pigs juvenile delinquents – I was intrigued.

Clarke remains by yourself during the white space, frantically trying to seem sensible of her weird environment. The destiny of Bellamy, Finn, and Raven remains mysterious. Lincoln and Octavia's daring plan is thwarted and an enemy returns.

“I like you" he whispered in her ear. It doesn't matter how many occasions she listened to them words and phrases, they never ceased to create her shiver.” "To save the girl he liked, he’d have to endanger all the human race."

At any time due to the fact a devastating nuclear war, humanity has lived on spaceships significantly over Earth's radioactive surface area. Now, one hundred juvenile delinquents -- deemed expendable by society -- are increasingly being despatched with a dangerous mission: to recolonize the World. It may be their next chance at daily life...or it could be a suicide mission.

Преди няколко дни завърших книгата "Стоте", но все още съм в еуфория от прочитането ѝ! Обожавам сериала, който е по книгите! Не очаквах двете да са толкова различни, но и двете - толкова поглъщащи. В епицентъра на сюжета стоят четирима тийнейджъри, извършили тежки престъпления и получили втори шанс на Земята, която не е обитавана от векове, заради радиация.

It Actually examine similar to a book for 12 calendar year olds. In addition to the undynamic crafting, the dialogue was cringe worthy. The phrase "Bellamy bellows" was employed 2 times throughout the same webpage. I don't find out about you but that makes me want to die.

Bellamy prospects the charge investigating a possible way dwelling; Clarke and Madi take care of the new, unsure risk to their house.

Es una lectura rápida y muy entretenida y todos los puntos de vista te hacen ver como viven y por qué cada uno hizo lo que 4,five Empecé a leer el libro por que la serie de Los a hundred me encantó y dije bueno vamos a ver que tal, y ahora mismo estoy enamorada.

Inside the fifth season premiere, Clarke struggles to outlive on the desolate, scorched earth although her close friends in House encounter a long-awaited beacon of hope.

Possessing read this, I understand why improvements were produced to the show's purposes but I sense the ebook actually did much more with the figures. It absolutely was prepared in the design I felt was participating and engrossing In general; even so, a number of the figures relied heavily on tropes and had flimsy, foolish motivations from here time to time. For that cause the plot stretched disbelief in a few locations though wearing endurance in other places.

, which debuted amid "viewer discretion" hype ahead of settling into what it had been one of the previous crucial primetime cop series.

Obviously, It can be greatly season three Battlestar the place issues started off heading a little from the rails, with lots of people on World more info in Strange costumes and Gaius Baltar getting some sort of spiritual determine to the ships. I suggest, not just, but that's the degree of high-quality the e-book has. It's not the initial season of awesome, and it is not very the ending wherever I failed to determine what the fuck was read more happening any longer. What it comes all the way down to is that The 100 is really a hugely entertaining drama-fest established in House, although not Specifically deep.

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